We at DashaFal believe in satisfied customers and in order to ensure 100% Reading Satisfaction level, We are providing Mini Reading at Rupees 99 only with refundable Fee option. Mini Reading is the basic sketch map of the person. Once you are satisfied yes it relates to you then only go for further reading, else request for refund


Know Your Time

For the analysis we need Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth. This must be accurate as whole analysis depends on it. this information is needed to see the stars position at the time of birth

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Horoscope Consultation

Horoscope Consultation


" Why this happened to me" if this is your question we may be very helpful in finding the answer.

We are providing online Horoscope Consultation in all over the world.

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Gems and Stones

Gems and Stones work differently on every individual. Please contact us for accurate personalized guidance on Gems and Stones.


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