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The analysis is manual and require time and efforts so we have made this a paid service. Though this Knowledge is Priceless, we are offering at a very nominal fee.

For analysis we need

  1. Accurate Date of Birth
  2. Accurate Place of Birth
  3. Accurate Time of Birth


  • Step 1:  Mini Reading:  on the basis of your Birth details we will make basic predictions about you. This is something like the "Sketch Idea" about the person.  This is only to make you feel that analysis relates with you. Fee on Mini Reading is Rupees 99 only. 
  • Step 2:   Full Reading:   Once you are satisfied by the Mini reading you may choose next plan as per your needs. See details below....



We try to deliver the Reading within 24 Hours however maximum time is 7 days.

Please choose any of the plans as per your requirements.


Plan For the month of July 2020


Refundable/ Non- Refundable Description

(Soft Copy Only by E-Mail or Whatsapp)



Mini Reading Refundable if not satisfied, only If applied for refund within 3 days of receiving mini reading.

In case any of the other plan opted this amount would not be refunded.

Sketch idea about the person 99
Please go for following plan only if you are satisfied by Mini Reading that Reading relates to you.
Gold Non-Refundable Horoscope Report along with predictions, Gems and Stones Report and KARAK & Marak Planets with Remedies if required 999
Love Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Marriage, Love Marriage, Arrange marriage Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Match Making Report ₹ 499 Non-Refundable 499
Physical Health and Personality Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Money Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Relationship with Father/ Mother ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Siblings Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Enemy and Diseases Report ₹ 499 Non-Refundable 499
Professional Career Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Abroad Travelling Report ₹ 499 Non-Refundable 499
Mental Health and Depression Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Profit or loss in Investment Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Useless Massive Expenses Report ₹ 199 Non-Refundable 199
Any other report as per your need Non-Refundable (Amount Will Be mentioned after the type of the report)

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