Zelensky Horoscope

Birth Details

Date of Birth: Jan.25.1978

Place of Birth : Kryvyy

Time of Birth: 14 Hrs

Benefic Jupiter , Rahu, Mercury contributing in great Kendrak, means giving him a good personality, luxury and professional life. Mercury has also make him very intelligent. Mars(Neech bhang yoga) and Moon being benefic in second house, giving him great interpersonal skills/ impressive speech. Saturn in 3rd house makes him courageous.

Presently he is in Moon Mahadasha and Saturn Anterdasha. Moon has malefic aspect on 8th house (House of death/ obstacles) , which causing him ‘troubles like death’ being Saturn the Lord of 8th house. Up to September 2023 most problematic for him. Mars, Rahu have benefic aspect on 8th house though their Anterdasha already passed.

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