is nothing like By Chance or Coincidence in this world and everything is Fixed/


  Whatever is discovered
by the Science till today gives fixed result
s/ output, i.e. in any event or
say reaction or else there is definite output and that can be calculated well
in advance by applying inputs in formula or reaction or events.”

same principle also apply in One’s Life and everything happening is fixed and
can be calculated and we can prove it too as we have rare Ancient Knowledge
i.e. Knowledge of Rare Vedic Astrology.


Our Claim

 “We can tell everything
about anyone in this world only accurate birth details needed.“



can tell impact of Stars on the person, his/her health , family , money ,
professional life, personality, love, married life, relationship with father/
mother/ siblings/ children/ parents/ wife, disease, enemy, profit or loss,
problems/ obstacles or opportunities, jail, useless expenses, facilities,
useless hard-work in life, useless/excessive small journeys, foreign
settlement, court-case, partnership, good bad times etc. past, present or


How we can do it:

in a person’s life is affected by the starts position at the time of birth. We
have gained the ancient secret knowledge, so we can read the energy field stars
having on any person. We all are have Energy fields and Stars at the time of
birth contribute their energy for formation of person. So it all decided at the
time of Birth what energy fields the person going to have whole life and how
will it be affected by the Cosmos Energy.


What we need for analysis:

1.      Accurate date of Birth

2.      Accurate place of Birth
(City & Country)

3.      Accurate time of Birth



birth details are true, we are 100% accurate and our predictions are to the


Q. Is it possible to get a better life?

yes its possible to decrease the negative Vibes and increase the Positive Vibes
by remedies.


Q. Why do we charge fee?

This analysis requires a lot of time and efforts and to continue the
process we need financial viability.

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