Vedic Astrology


Astrology is a rare Ancient Science having capabilities to predict everything about any person on this world – Past, Present or Future. Stars at the time of Birth have impression on each individual and everything is decided at the time of Birth.

Astrology is the study of Stars on the person, his/her health , family , money , professional life, personality, love, married life, relationship with father/ mother/ siblings/ children/ parents/ wife, disease, enemy, profit or loss, problems/ obstacles or opportunities, jail, useless expenses, facilities, useless hard-work in life, useless/excessive small journeys, foreign settlement, court-case, partnership, good bad times etc. past, present or future.

There are 9 planets which having impact on everyone of us. Its scientific and no guessing at all. Only there is duplicacy so fake Astrologers have make this knowledge infamous.



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