Vishnu Puran


Vedas are the most important heritage today in entire world. The essence of the Vedas is the Upanishads and the essence of the Upanishads is the Gita. Other texts are texts of history, tradition and ritual. Purana means the most ancient Supernatural documents. History texts include Valmiki Ramayana, Ved Vyasa Mahabharata and Purana. One of these 18 Puranas lets talk about Vishnu Purana:

  1. Vishnu Purana is shortest of all Puranas. Now only seven thousand verses are found in it.
  2. This Purana has been composed by Parashar Rishi, grandson of Maharishi Vasistha and father of Ved Vyasa.
  3. This Purana gives a description about Lord Vishnu and his devotees, which contains very interesting and divine stories.
  4. A description of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu is placed in this Purana, in which there is special mention of Shri Krishna Charitra and Ram Katha.
  5. This Purana contains six chapters. The first has divine interesting tales of Dhruva, Prithu and Prahlada, along with the origin of nature and the form of time. In the second, you will find the description of all the worlds and the description of the nine planets of the earth those affect everything on earth as well as the planets and constellations. In the third, description of Manvantara period, expansion of Vedas, household religion and Shraadh-Vidhi etc. is placed. The next chapter talks about the king of Surya dynasty and Chandra dynasty and their lineages. And the fifth chapter describes Lord Sri Krishna’s character and his life. Finally, in the sixth chapter, knowledge about holocaust and salvation is placed.