How will I experience karma?

As per Skanda Purana chapter 36 and 37 ‘One whose inner sin has been destroyed, that person is religious.’  Again as per chapter 40 of Skanda Purana we all accumulate Karma for our deeds. This present life is the map of our all past lives and in visual form our Birth Chart is this map. ‘Life after Death’ depends on the Karma of the present life. Some person go to Heaven and Some to Hell. Some spend their time in Heaven and Hell, turn by turn as per Karma. In heaven or hell person do not accumulate new Karma only they spend their past Karma. The person who return from Hell to earth become bird or animal. Later on after several rebirth he is Human Being but lives in poverty. Those who generate good Karma, in later births become rich person as well as prosperous and happy.

What is my Karmic Purpose?