DashaFal Means

Dasha refers to the condition of the person and in the terms of Astrology Dasha means Period of a Stars in One’s life. Fal Means Result. So Dashafal means the Period of the Stars in which the Star will give its Maximum results. Now if the star is benefic the results will be good or if the Star is malefic the results would be accordingly.


Our Approach

We are the Worlds Best Astrologers with a mission of Happy World.

We can tell impact of Stars on the person, his/her health , family , money , professional life, personality, love, married life, relationship with father/ mother/ siblings/ children/ parents/ wife, disease, enemy, profit or loss, problems/ obstacles or opportunities, jail, useless expenses, facilities, hard work in life,  foreign settlement, court-case, partnership, good bad times etc.

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Science which has capability of predicting everything about the person, his/her personality,  behavior, health , family , relationship with father/ mother/ siblings, money , love, professional life,  married life, good, bad times etc….. Past, present or future!

Our predictions are accurate and precise. Thousands of satisfied Clients are availing our Services around the World.

Why Astrology……

Our aim is not future telling. When we Know our Time we may better utilize it……….. or take extra care.